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Eyelid Surgery

Droopy upper eyelids and bags under the lower eyelids can give us a worn and tired appearance. Blepharoplasty, also called eyelid surgery, helps Toronto area women and men tighten excess eyelid skin and remove or reposition fat to give the eyes a more youthful, refreshed look. Some people have eyelid surgery to correct problems that are a result of aging, while others have inherited traits such as bags under the eyes that cause them to seek treatment in their 20s or 30s.

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Results That Speak for Themselves

Dr. Rival is a facial plastic surgeon whose results are a testament to his experience and technique. Browse our photo gallery to see more of Dr. Rival's actual patients.

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Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.


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Excess upper eyelid skin is often accompanied by sagging eyebrows, which is best treated by a brow lift. Fine wrinkling and crow's feet may require medical spa services like chemical peeling or BOTOX COSMETIC® for additional improvement. Circles beneath the eyes caused by dark pigmentation may be lightened with a bleaching solution or chemical peel. Many patients who come to my office in Toronto combine eyelid surgery with other procedures like a face lift for more impressive results.

High blood pressure, thyroid problems or diabetes are some of the conditions that can increase the risks of eyelid surgery. Dr. Rival will ask if you have allergies and if so, how they affect your eyes. We will also need to know if you have been told that you have "dry eye" or any other eye problems.

Eyelid Surgery Procedure

An incision is hidden within the natural fold of the upper eyelid for upper eyelid surgery and it is through this incision that excess skin and fat are removed. Because the incision follows the natural contour of the upper eyelid, it will be well camouflaged when it is healed.

For lower lid surgery, Dr. Rival most commonly uses a transconjunctival approach. This technique hides the incision behind the eyelid and excess fat is removed. If excess skin must be removed a fine incision is made just under the lower eyelashes.

Dr. Richard Rival

Dr. Rival

Board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, Dr. Rival devotes his practice exclusively to enhancement of the face and neck, with a focused specialty in rhinoplasty.

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After Blepharoplasty

Patient experiences vary after eyelid surgery. Mild swelling persists for several weeks in some cases, while others see swelling resolve in just 7 days. Bruising normally disappears in 7 to 10 days and you may use makeup within the first week to hide discoloration.

You may find your eyes are temporarily sensitive to light. You may also experience some excess tearing or dryness. Dr. Rival may recommend eye drops to relieve burning or itching. You may want to wear dark sunglasses for a couple of weeks to protect your eyes from the wind and sun.

The incision lines will typically fade over several months until they become barely visible.

The procedure and risks will be discussed in detail at the time of your consultation. Some patients may require a preoperative consultation with an ophthalmologist.

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