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Things are constantly changing the field of facial plastic surgery, and Dr. Rival spends a good portion of his time to ensure that he remains up to date on today's latest techniques and technologies. When important advances in the field are introduced that could have an impact on his Toronto facial cosmetic surgery patients, he'll provide details here, in his News section. Also be sure to check here from time to time to see what events are happening at the practice.


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Press Releases

Rhinoplasty Specialist in Toronto Comments on Study of Revision Cases
A recent study shows that airway concerns are a major reason many patients seek revision for rhinoplasty, Toronto surgeon Dr. Richard Rival explains. He says surgeons need to pay special attention to this during initial rhinoplasty surgeries.
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Rhinoplasty Satisfaction Linked to Preoperative Body Image
Dr. Richard Rival, a board-certified facial plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty in Toronto, says the incidence of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) symptoms often correlates with postoperative satisfaction for rhinoplasty patients.
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Facial Plastic Surgeon Comments on Decline in Number of Facelifts
Popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures may be the reason that fewer people are opting for a face lift, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Richard Rival says. Canadian statistics are hard to come by, but the U.S. saw a 9% drop in facelifts last year.
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Rhinoplasty Specialist in Toronto Responds to Young Women Getting Rhinoplasty
Dr. Richard Rival, a rhinoplasty specialist in Toronto, responds to recent speculation about young female celebrities who have allegedly had plastic surgery, and explains what he believes to be the appropriate age for surgery.
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Toronto Face Lift Specialist Contributes to Elevate Magazine
In a recent article in Elevate, a leading anti-aging and wellness magazine, Dr. Richard Rival discusses cosmetic surgery financing options and notes that his patients often see their cosmetic procedures as personal investments.
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For Eyelid Surgery, Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon Works with Eye Doctors
Dr. Richard Rival emphasizes the important union of health and beauty for his facial cosmetic surgery patients. That's why he coordinates patient care with other physicians like eye doctors to improve his patients' lives.
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"Injectable" Rhinoplasty Patients Choosing Nose Surgery in Toronto
While "injectable" nose jobs in Toronto are often touted as a cheap and easy substitute for certain types of nose surgery, Toronto facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival explains why these procedures may offer less permanent results and fewer benefits than surgical rhinoplasty.
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Young Toronto Face Lift Patients Opt for Noninvasive Enhancements
Noninvasive and minimally-invasive cosmetic surgery options are taking off as many younger patients elect to undergo smaller-scale enhancements.
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Elevate Magazine June-May, 2012 Does She or Doesn't She?
In this Fashion Magazine article, Wendy Schmid discusses the great lengths that women, especially Hollywood celebrities, will go to hide their plastic surgery. Dr. Richard Rival mentions that a large percentage of his patients prefer to keep their enhancements hidden. However, Dr. Rival points out that talking about less invasive procedures is becoming a bit more common.
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Elevate Magazine June-May, 2012 Sun, Sand … and Surgery?
More and more people are opting to have cosmetic surgery while vacationing in another country. This trend is known as medical tourism, and Canadians are spending $5 billion annually on medical procedures overseas. Is it safe? An Elevate magazine article featuring Dr. Richard Rival discusses the pros and cons of having surgery in another country versus undergoing the procedure close to home?
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Fashion Magazine May, 2012 Audio Visual
It may not be entirely our imaginations. As we get older, our earlobes often appear to get larger, but a relatively simple procedure can lead to rejuvenated lobes that you'd rather show off than hide behind big earrings. Fashion magazine's Lynn Crosbie shares a first-hand account of how she underwent a lobeplasty (sometimes called a "lobe job") performed by Dr. Richard Rival and recaptured those cute little lobes of her youth.
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Elevate Magazine March-April, 2012 A Little Something
Dr. Richard Rival is interviewed by Rosemary Counter in an Elevate Magazine article about overcoming the stigma that once went along with cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Rival points out that with today's variety of subtle enhancement techniques, such as BOTOX® Cosmetic, dermal fillers and laser treatments, change can be gradual. You don't have to turn back the clock all at once, he says.
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Fashion Magazine March, 2012 Fashion Magazine's 2012 Guide to Top Plastic Surgery
For subtle reshaping of your bridge or overhauling a botched job, your nose is in good hands with Dr. Rival. One of his latest innovations is the scarless lip lift, a boon for those with long, un-inverted lips.

Elevate Magazine November-December, 2011 Chin Up!
Elevate Magazine's Rachel Naud consults facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival and dermatologist Dr. Benjamin Barankin to get the scoop about today's most popular cosmetic innovations to address signs of aging in the chin, jaw and neck area. Dr. Rival lends his expertise on chin implants, platysmaplasty and liposuction to get that sought-after sharp and defined jawline.
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Elevate Magazine July-August, 2010 Renew Your Neckline, Refresh Your Face, Reveal A New You
Dr. Richard Rival is interviewed by Morella Aguirre of Elevate Magazine where he goes in depth on what a neck lift entails, recovery periods, average costs and who is the ideal patient for a neck lift procedure. Includes an interview with"Janet", a woman who had her neck lift
procedure with Dr. Rival.
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Maclean's Magazine April 26, 2010 Last Year, Nearly One Million Canadians had Cosmetic Enhancement, and that Number Grows Every Year.
A new procedure," the short scar mini browlift, smoothes the temple area, may take less than an hour to perform and can improve the hooding of the upper eyelid, which often starts in your early 40s," says Dr. Richard Rival, an FPS-O in Newmarket, Ont. and Toronto.
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Q & A with Dr. Rival Fashion Magazine 2011 Cross-Canada Top Plastic Surgery
The city's go-to guy for traditional and revisional rhinoplasties, Dr. Rival sees young models and mere mortals at his three full-service offices. Always ahead of the curve, he now offers an iPhone app with which patients can virtually test drive a new nez. Other offerings include fillers, browlifts and facelifts.

Face Value - Discretionary purchases are usually the first casualty in uncertain times. Face Value
High-definition TVs, fancy mobile devices and digital cameras are all very nice – some might gamely argue essential – but in down times, conventional wisdom holds that luxury buys are generally best avoided. As for borrowing money to purchase non-essential stuff, only the very brave or very foolish need apply. But what if the so-called luxury purchase highest on your list is eyelid surgery that would make you look younger and more competitive in your field? Or a hair transplant that would boost your confidence while dating?
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Q & A with Dr. Rival Cross-Canada Guide to Some of the Best Places for Cosmetic Fixes
Traditional and revisional rhinoplasties are Dr. Rival's specialties, and both urban and suburban patients can seek out revamped profiles at his three locations—check out his cutting-edge midtown office. He also offers scores of fillers and minimal-incision face and brow lifts.

Q & A with Dr. Rival Q & A with Dr. Rival
When a reader writes in to Revive Magazine with concerns about their new chin implant, Revive turns to facial plastic surgeon Dr. Rival. In addition to explaining the procedure and healing process of facial implants, Dr. Rival also uses his expertise to discuss facelifts and neck liposuction.
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Demi Moore in Elevate Magazine Has She or Hasn't She?
Actress Demi Moore recently denied ever having plastic surgery. Her beautiful skin and radiant features make her look at least 10 years younger than her true age. Is she just lucky to have good genes, or have surgeons leant a hand? Elevate asked facial plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Rival to share his expert opinion.
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Digital Imaging in Rhinoplasty
Imaging in facial plastic surgery is becoming common. With the advances of digital imaging software, modifications of preoperative images for rhinoplasty patients can help to predict outcomes. The primary objective of this study was to determine whether preoperative digital image modification in rhinoplasty patients is useful in predicting postoperative outcomes.
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Best Bet Best Bet
At first glance, you'd never guess Farzana Merchant – a soft-spoken, 24-year-old pension fund specialist – is a poker whiz who plays weekly games with her colleagues and competes in tournaments. And you'd certainly never guess she had rhinoplasty last year. "I was never happy with my nose," says Merchant, who lives in Mississauga, Ont., and grew up in India.
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Elevate Magazine Beauty at Every Age
Wondering what your skin will look like down the road? Take a peek at your parents. Genetics play a key role in how skin ages. But professionals, including Dr. Richard Rival, say how you live those years is equally important. Read this decade-by-decade guide to putting your best face forward.
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Dr. Richard Rival

Dr. Rival

Board-certified in Facial Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology, Dr. Rival devotes his practice exclusively to enhancement of the face and neck, with a focused specialty in rhinoplasty.

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